Show Off Your Fiber Art at Shepherds Extravaganza

Just a reminder, Shepherds Extravaganza is coming soon. We have lots of room for your Fiber Arts entries, help us fill those tables!

The focus of the Fiber Arts Competition at Shepherds Extravaganza is to showcase the natural beauty of wool and the talent of the many local artists that work with it. The show also supports our local wool and fiber production industry through the special acknowledgement of items made from a Shepherds Extravaganza purchased fleece. Entries are judged using NWRSA judging guidelines.

The Susan Parr Award is an additional award given to a selected entry in the Fiber Arts show that exemplifies excellence in workmanship and education.  The award may be given to a skein or finished item, that is awarded a high blue ribbon in regular judging.  The entry must include the information in either the entry form or a separate informational sheet describing the skill or technique the entrant set out to learn.  For example, recent awards were given for an item that the entrant made using yarn spun s/plied z, and spun z/plied s to use the different light reflectivity/texture, and to an entrant who taught herself to knit so she could make a fair-isle hat

Entries must have been made in the past year (April). The categories include skeins, knitting, crochet, weaving, felting, rug hooking and more.

Entries must be brought to the J Barn on Wednesday, 4-19 5:00-8:30 PM. The judging will take place on Thursday. Pick up your entries on Sunday, 4-23 6:00-8:00 PM. Entry tickets will be available on request.

There’s still room to sign up for our workshops!

Learn to turn your stash into heirloom rugs your grandchildren will fight over! Friday afternoon, 4-21.

Experiment with spinning some unusual and rare breeds, including Valais Blacknose, Navajo-Churro, Gotland, Kerry Hill, Natural Colored Horned Dorset, Bluefaced Leicester, Cormo and Targhee. Saturday morning, 4-22.

Make a felted faux sheep collar! Saturday afternoon, 4-22.

Master the color wheel by blending to spin 36 different colors! Sunday, 4-23.

Learn to shear your sheep on a stand, the stress-free way! Sunday, 4-23.

See you at the fair!

7 responses to “Show Off Your Fiber Art at Shepherds Extravaganza”

  1. How do I get my entry pass?  I have registered for a class and will have fleece


  2. Just wanted to say thank you, received my parking and entry pass


  3. Hi! Is it still possible to enter the fiber arts contest?


    1. Yes, definitely! Go for it!


  4. falconcakepluto91582 Avatar


    I sent in a check a month ago for the felted collar class and the check has still not been cashed. Can someone look into that, please?

    Eileen Van Bronkhorst


    1. I’ll check on that Eileen! They probably are going to deposit all the checks at once. Anyway, they will send you a ticket to the fair by mail soon.


  5. Hi! It’s still April 15, so hopefully I’m just beating the deadline to enter the Fiber Arts Competition. 🙂 I’ve submitted my entry form and am hoping you’ll have me! I’m entering a spindle-spun skein (novice). Thanks!


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