Sheep Rules

1.  Sheep must be in place by noon, Thursday.  Entry to the fairgrounds will be through the Service Gate.

2.   No refunds will be made on withdrawn entries after the entry deadline.

3.   All sales will be by private treaty.

4. The sheep pen area may not be used to sell craft or wool items.

5.  All animals must be registered with their breed association.  Each animal must  be tagged with  flock  ID tag  or  tattoo with corresponding  registration certificate.   Lambs may have applications for registry with corresponding ear tags in their ears.  Registration certificates or applications must be presented to Sheep Chairman by noon on Thursday.

6.  Only animals less than 1 year old may be presented as lambs.  If weaned lambs are offered for sale, they must be at least 2 months old or at least 50 pounds.   Yearlings may have two year old teeth.  Aged rams and ewes shall be under 5 years old and be in show condition.  Ewes with suckling lambs may not be sold separately.  Suckling lambs shall be able to be registered.

7. All animals will be inspected by an inspection committee for disease and external parasites.  Animals showing signs of disease or parasites shall be removed from the fairgrounds.

8.  All sheep must have Federal Scrapie tags or tattoos in the ears to be eligible for this show and sale.  No exceptions!  Suffolk and Hampshire rams must have proof of  1R at codon 171 if entering Washington state.

9.  All sheep on the grounds will be held at owner’s risk, and ownership will pass to the buyer at the time of sale.

10.  All animals shall be removed from the Fairgrounds at the close of the fair.  Sold animals may leave early once permission is granted by the Fair and the Sheep Chairman.

11. Deviation from any of these rules will result in the consignor not being invited back the following year.

13. The sale of animals is by private treaty and thus any guarantees concerning breeding soundness must by negotiated between buyer and consignor.  WWSFS assumes no  responsibility in this regard and is not liable in the event of problems.