Fleece Rules

  1. This is a sale of quality hand spinning fleeces grown in North America sold on a first come, first served basis. The sale will include other animal fibers such as Mohair, Angora Rabbit, Alpaca and Llama. No unprocessed animal fiber sales will be allowed at the Extravaganza outside the official fleece and fiber sale.

     2) Fleeces are to be from animals sheared after May 1, of the previous year.  All other fibers should be plucked, combed or sheared after the same date.

     3) All fleeces, mohair and other fibers must be properly skirted (all face, belly, leg and tag wool removed), rolled, not tied and delivered in a substantial plastic bag. NOTE: Fleeces may not be delivered in cardboard cartons. All other fibers should be placed in plastic bags. The minimum amounts for each bag is the whole fleece for sheep and goats, the whole blanket for Alpacas and Llamas, 5 oz. for other exotic fibers and 1 oz. for rabbit.

     4) All fleeces will be unrolled and laid out for evaluation. Fleeces will be judged by a qualified judge. Fleeces will be placed according to the “Danish System”. The Top Fifteen Blue Ribbon entries chosen by the judge will be placed for silent auction.

     5) Entry and payment of entry fees must be received by the specified date. Consignments will be accepted Wednesday, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm only.

     6) Each consignor will be asked to establish a price per pound or ounce for each lot entered. Fleeces and other animal fibers will be weighed for official sale weight by the Sale Committee. No price changes will be allowed during the Sale.

     7) Fleeces or animal fibers which contain excessive dirt, unscourable paint brands, plastic twine, excessive dung, foreign matter, parasites or stain will be excused from the show at the discretion of the judge. The judge welcomes discussion and the opportunity to converse with the producer. All fleeces will be shown in the grease. Excused fleeces will be removed to storage and may be picked up prior to the start of the sale, Saturday.  Entry fees will be forfeited on rejected fleeces. No sale of excused fleeces will be allowed.

     8)  Late entries, accepted if space allows, will be subject to a $5.00 late entry fee. No entry fees will be returned on fleeces not shown, not sold, or rejected.

     9) There is a limit of 10 lots per farm/family, based on first come, first served basis. The Sale Committee reserves the right to regulate entries according to space available.

     10) WWSFS, Inc. assumes no liability for the safety of the entries.

     11) Selling commission will be 10% of the sale price, or entry fee, which ever is greater.

     12) The Top Fifteen Blue Ribbon consignments will be sold by Silent Auction. Bids will be accepted starting at 10:30 am, Saturday.   At 1:30 pm the highest bidder will be announced. Bidders will have 30 minutes to pay for the fleeces. If the fleeces are not claimed by 2:00 pm, they will be sold to the next highest bidders. All other fleeces will go on sale starting at 10:30 am on Saturday.

     13) All sold and unsold fleeces and other animal fibers must be picked up by the end of the sale on Sunday. Any consignments not picked up between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm,  will be disposed of at the discretion of the Fleece Chairperson, and all proceeds will go to the Western Washington Sheep and Fleece Shows. Payment to consignors will be made as timely as possible.

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