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Shepherds Extravaganza   April 16-19, 2020

Washington State Fairgrounds, "J" Barn     Puyallup, WA

Fiber Arts Contest

Entry Form

The focus of the Fiber Arts competition at Shepherds Extravaganza is to showcase the natural beauty of wool and the talent of the many local artists that work with it.

This show supports our local wool and fiber production industry through the special acknowledgement of items made from a “Shepherd’s Extravaganza” purchased fleece.

General Information:
Entered items are judged by a NWRSA Certified Judge using the NWRSA Judging criteria.  
Superintendent is Sonja St. John  ([email protected])

Unless prior arrangements are made with the Fiber Arts Superintendent:

Items to be judged must be delivered to the Fiber Arts Booth in the “J” Barn on Wednesday between 5-8:45 pm .

Items may be picked up in the Fiber Arts booth in the “J” Barn on between 6-8 pm. Items will not be released prior to this time.

If the entrant is unable to pick up their items they may designate another person to pick them up at the time of entry, or may send a written, signed, note complete with a telephone number with the person they are requesting their items be released to.

Any items unclaimed more than 30 days may be donated to charity.

A Liability Disclaimer releasing Shepherd’s Extravaganza from loss or damage to the items must be signed by the entrant at the time of entry.

The Fiber Art’s Department will continue to make every effort to protect and handle your entries carefully.

Any category with less than 5 entries may at the discretion of the Fiber Arts Superintendent be combined into an “Other” class for award of ribbons.

Judging will cover:  General overall appearance, Preparation for exhibit (clean, not worn, properly skeined and tied), suitability of yarn or fiber to item or technique, finishing (blocked, ends woven in, no loose edges or threads, if felted or 3D all parts are firmly attached, etc.


Novice:  Someone who has been working at the specific fiber craft for less than one year and has not won a Rosette ribbon.

Youth:  Someone who is under 16 years of age, or Someone under 18 years of age that has not won a Rosette ribbon.

Professional:  Someone who makes $250 or more a year on the same fiber art as entry.  (ie may be considered professional as spinner, but not as a knitter etc).

         1. Competition is open to all Fiber Artists.  
         2. The decision of the judge is final.  Scores will only be changed if it is determined that there was a math                 error.
         3. No late entries will be accepted without prior approval of the superintendent.  Absolutely no entries or                 changes to entries after judging has begun.
         4. Please specify on entry form if you fit into one of the defined categories.
         5. All articles must be the handwork of the entrant/s. 
                a. If item is a group project, state all contributors names and what portion each person did. 
                b. If over 2 entrants Judging will be at the Superintendent/Judges discretion). 
                c.  Items may be entered for display only
        6. All articles submitted must have been completed in the past year – Since last April.
        7. Items entered must be made from a minimum of 50% wool or other naturally occurring fibers ( ie not                    rayonized bamboo or soy).
        8. All Finished items made with yarn must be at least 50% handspun yarn (handspun by entrant, not                          purchased handspun yarn)
        9. Visibly soiled or worn items (discretion of the judge/superintendent) will not be judged.
        10. Attach a Fiber Arts Entry form to each item. (available when you drop off your items).
        11. Required: Attach a small butterfly of yarn or fiber sample used to all finished items.  
        12. Items without yarn sample may have points deducted.


        1. Specify “wheel spun” or “spindle spun”.
        2. Must be Handspun by entrant.
        3. Skeins are to be 25-50 yards in length.  Skeins over 50 yards will be judged, but will not be eligible for                    Champion/Reserve Champion ribbons. (Exception: Spindle spun worsted weight or larger may be                            submitted in one or two lengths of yarn tied together as a single skein, one strand should be entire                        length of full spindle with addition of “extra” to reach requirement.  Please state as such on entry form                  for judge).
        4. A 2 yard length skein is preferred.  A one yard length skein will be accepted on lace weight or finer yarns.
        5. Skeins are to be tied with a minimum of 3-4 figure 8 ties.  Either self tied (preferred) or individual ties of                same/very similar yarn is acceptable.  (See links on bottom of page).
        6. Skein needs to be accompanied by a 4x4 inch (before washing) or larger swatch.  Any technique or stitch               pattern, and a sample of the fleece or fiber.  (Lack of a fiber sample will not count against the score but                 will prevent quality of fiber prep to be considered in scoring by the judge.)  
        7. Skeins without a swatch may have points deducted.

    A. Wheel Spun Skein
    B.  Spindle Spun Skein
    C.  Knit Item
    D.  Crochet Item
    E.   Woven Item
    F.   Felted Item
    G.  Rug Hooked Item
    H.  Other