The Shepherds' Extravaganza is the yearly sheep, wool and related craft show and sale held at the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup, Washington during the Spring Fair.  It is sponsored by the Western Washington Sheep and Fleece Shows, Inc.  The organization's purpose is to promote the sheep industry. 

The organization also supports charitable and educational programs also including:

    - Encouraging and advancing the breeding of sheep for wool, meat, milk and research    


    - Improving sheep through selective breeding.

    - Assisting members and others with information pertaining to sheep breeding, general flock      

       management,  and the shearing and handling of fleeces.

    - Encouraging gatherings to acquaint shepherds, spinners, weavers, and others with one another

      and to educate them further concerning sheep and fleeces including fiber from other animals.

    - Organizing and encouraging other activities to further the purposes of the organization.